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Spring has arrived and we are welcoming it by aerating our greens


Riviera Maya Golf Club is continuing work to maintain and improve the golf course.

From 26 of May to 1st of June, we were aerating our greens, fairways and rough.

During the aerification process, the golf course remained open to the public and players could get a special 20% discount.

Aerification and top dressing increases the soil's capacity to filter chemicals, nutrients and water and at the same time promotes vertical growth of the turf.

This process is carried out twice a year and has great long-term benefits for the golf course. It is very important that this process is carried out as, without it, we would never achieve optimum playing conditions. It is recommended to carry it out at the end of the summer and towards the end of the rainy season.

What does the aerification process involve?

• Small pieces of turf and soil are removed from the surface of the course (greens, fairways and tees) • This leaves a series of small holes in the surface. • Immediately after this, the holes are filled with sand so the course is ready for playing on (top dressing) • This process enables the grass roots to get more oxygen. • It takes about 14 days for it to fully recover.

Following the aerification process, the course is greatly improved and there are a number of benefits:

• Wet soil dries out more quickly. • It increases the infiltration capacity when the soil is compacted or thatch is present. • It stimulates root growth within the hole. • It improves the soil profile of the greens, approaches, tees and fairway.

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