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Course Maintenance Work


After edging all the existing bunkers in January and early February, work in the coming month will focus on cleaning islands and edging lakes in order to continue accentuating the shape of our course.

Our pruning frequency of twice a week on tees, fairways, approaches and roughs during the end of the autumn-winter season has kept the par 72 holes and the nine short holes in very good condition.

Conducting maintenance using ecological products in greens areas has resulted in exceptional grass development, with improved surface conditions and a tillering speed of 9 kph (5.6 mph). Eleven months after having begun the Sustainable Handling of Greens Diseases with ecological products, we are still at it with great enthusiasm, inoculating the soil in these important areas to inhibit the development of harmful fungi and exercise significant control over them.

We are working on our rough areas throughout the entire golf course, starting by changing the cutting height from to 2" (50.8 mm) to 1 ½" (38.1 mm) this month.

With this cultural maintenance work, we will achieve better texture and definition on each hole in the near future, joining the Verticorte project/plan for 2015. This will certainly result in a quality improvement for these important areas of the course.

Our driving range has been kept in good condition. It includes a fast and unique putting green as a result of modifications including controlled pruning of the hedges that surround it to offer players a unique and harmonious feel.

The chipping green area now has a new approach zone to provide a more professional experience when practicing short shots.

Our main tee at the driving range was maintained last month using different pruning frequencies and patterns than other times of year, which, along with appropriate fertilization and the color and density of the grass, encourages players to relax and focus during their warm-up.

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