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How to place your clubface properly


We are pleased to share with you a tip on How to place your clubface properly by the Profesional and expert Toni Planells

You have probably asked youself. Is my clubface in the correct position?

To achieve a correct club face position you must make sure that the cutting edge of your base (leading edge) is aligned with the shaft. This will prevent the face being closed or open and any undesired spin on the golf ball

What do we achieve with a good clubface position? On the one hand we will maintain the loft on the club and therefore achieve the correct distance, flight and trajectory for each club you use. It will also help you to stand better in front of the ball, and therefore be more repetitive in your pre-shot routine On the other hand, you will acquire a greater consistency and repetitiveness of your shots and therefore better results

We hope you liked this advice, we are waiting for you at Riviera Maya Club to put it into practice.

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