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A good stance for making a good swing


Do you know the correct stance in order to make a good swing? Find out the key with Toni Planells´ recommendations

First of all, you should know that the initial position or stance of the golfer is the first step to make a good swing. Toni Planells, Spanish golf coach and founder of Golf Natural Guidance (method of teaching used in Bahia Principe Golf Academies) explains:

"a good position gives you the chance to make a good swing, with a bad one you will die trying. A good position is the one where you "have maximum stability in your feet and legs, and are relaxed in your trunk, arms, and hands". This way you generate power during the backswing and release it in the down swing of the club”, explains Toni Planells.

You will acquire greater stability with your feet shoulder width apart and toes pointing outwards slightly. . A good tip?. Try jumping and see if you are able to maintain your balance on landing without falling forwards or backwards.

We hope you liked this advice, and remember we are waiting for you at Riviera Maya Club to put it into practice during your golf training at Bahia Principe Golf Academies..

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