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Where to place the ball to gain consistency?


Do you know where to place the ball to gain consistency in your game? Toni Planells explains it to us in this golf tip

We are about to hit a shot and on many occasions we ask ourselves where the ball should be positioned. Should it be forward, back in our stance …? When we want the ball to fly higher or lower. Is this correct? Let's see what our friend Toni Planells, Golf Professional, recommends. The position of the ball, for all the clubs must always be the same. Yes, you heard right, the same. As long as we're playing a standard shot.

Toni explains: "If the hardest thing in golf is to be consistent in the execution of a shot, which do you think is the easiest way to achieve it?" Do we change the ball position for each shot or do we always keep it the same? The proper position for a good swing is where the ball is just ahead of the centre of your body. If I want it to come out lower, I change club. If I want it to come out higher, I change club." "The experience with my students during last 30 years has shown me that it is better to carry 14 clubs in the bag, in order to change your swing as less as possible" Toni Planells says. That way we will gain consistency in the game and enjoy it more!

We hope you enjoyed this advice and remember that we are waiting for you at Riviera Maya Golf Club to put it into practice during your training in Bahia Principe Golf Academies.

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