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How to prevent injuries when playing golf


How to prevent injuries when playing golf? Our professional Toni Planells explains the importance of avoiding too much tension during the swing.

To prevent injuries while playing golf, you should avoid tension whilst swinging. The excessive muscle tension that we create whilst hitting the ball causes the shortening of the movement and therefore a reduced distance and effectiveness of the golf shot.

Toni Planells, our friend and coach of the Spanish golf team, explains: "Tension in the muscles will cause more injuries because when you create speed in your club, you use the joints, tendons and muscles to stop it." Thus, by avoiding muscle stiffness in arms, wrists and hands we prevent the injury of these limbs.

"The important point is that we do not confuse rigidity with losing coordination in the swing. To achieve a good strike and gain distance, the golf movement has to flow, and too much analysis creates paralysis" concludes Toni.

We hope you liked this advice and help you avoid the dreaded injuries. Remember that we are waiting for you at Riviera Maya Golf Club to put it into practice during your training in Bahia Principe Golf Academies.

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