Golf Natural Guidance

A 360º Vision

Golf Natural Guidance

The philosophy implemented and designed by Toni Planells is known by the name Golf Natural Guidance, and it aims to guide students towards achieving their best possible performance from the start. From the beginner level to high performance, it employs an enjoyable yet efficient teaching method combining technical knowledge; physical, psychological and educational exercises; and anatomical postures and movements. The method is fully personalized to the conditions and natural innate traits of the student with a constant eye on health and safety.

Golf is a complex sport that must be taught and understood simply.

  • Golf Natural Guidance is currently used in our academies in two countries and is based on things the student has already learned in daily life and other sports, and therefore that he or she already knows how to do.

  • Golf Natural Guidance adapts to the skill level of each student to develop and guide them in the correct anatomic and biomechanical positions to make effective and healthy movements, without injury. This enables them to become a golf player in the simplest way possible, without being paralyzed by overanalysis or too much information that makes it difficult to understand the technique.

  • The final goal is for the student to understand what they have to do in a simple and logical way, helping them develop an effective, healthy, repeatable and long-lasting swing.

Features of our method:

  • Initial assessment: we get to know the student and set goals.

  • 360º Vision: we look at all the aspects that can be improved in a student: technique, physique, mental game, strategy, equipment fit and healthy lifestyles.

  • Learn by playing: we recreate real play situations from the beginning.

  • Personalized: we offer the best for each student in line with their needs .

  • Continuous monitoring: There is constant communication between the coach and student.

  • It is proven that after taking a class with our teaching method, people come back for more.


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